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Stab A Panda coming to Kickstarter on April 3

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No animals were harmed in the making of this game. Stab A Panda is the name of a new, whimsical “Would You Rather?” style party game that helps you learn all sorts of weird facts about your friends.

Stab A Panda is for 3 to 8 players. It features raunchy humor, but is inclusive of, rather than attacking, marginalized groups. It includes an NSFW expansion with artwork by the co-creator of the highly acclaimed adult webcomic OGLAF, known itself for being body-positive, sex-positive, and inclusive. Unlike other party games, Stab A Panda has no “pandering” to a judge.

While the name is evocative, the game is not actually about stabbing pandas. “When we were developing the game, we were coming up with outrageous things that people wouldn’t want to do. One of the first cards we made was ‘Stab a panda, deep.’ It stuck and was memorable to our playtesters, so we used it as the name of the game,” says Brian Lewis, co-designer of the game. Brian is also the co-creator of the wildly successful board game Dinosaur Island, and Titans of Industry, also from Gozer Games.

Stab A Panda plays in about 25 minutes and is very easy to learn. The active player, or “panda” gets four cards listing things which most people would rather not do, and has to rank them. The other players have to guess how the panda ordered the cards. A lot of the fun and insight of the game comes from the players discussing why they ranked the outrageous tasks in the order in which they did. It makes for a light, fun, quick, interactive game for friends, family, and strangers alike. It can be played anytime, anywhere, and for everyone; It’s not only for hardcore gamers on game night.

You can back Stab A Panda on Kickstarter starting on April 3 for as low as $29.

For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a platform to help creators launch new products. You can “back” a campaign, by pledging to support it. You are only charged if we succeed in reaching our funding goal. For a small company like Gozer Games, it’s essential for us to continue making great games. We have lots of great stretch goals planned as well after we fund, to make the game even bigger and better.

You can also join our Facebook group to get updates. Please help spread the word, and back Stab A Panda on Tuesday, April 3.

Great game reviews

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Have you seen these great game reviews we recently received?

First up, Game Paradise reviewed Zombie Ninja Pirates. They loved it, saying

It’s humorous and easy to play… I could certainly see this game travelling with us to the bar, or being used as a filler game. It’s silly, and sometimes silly is exactly what you are looking for.

Check out the full review.

Next up is Father Geek. He reviewed both Zombie Ninja Pirates and Vampire Werewolf Fairies. Both were a “big hit”, scoring 3.7 out of 5.

Zombie Ninja Pirates is a fun little game which is most certainly in the “beer and pretzels” category or, for our little geeks, “apple juice and graham crackers”. [T]he game does exceedingly well. Fast to teach, fast to set up, and fast to play. The variable ways to get points and how your Type cards influence your overall ability to get points keeps the game interesting and the very creative way of keeping track of points during the game make it easy to scan the table to determine every player’s current standing if the game should end. The end result is a fun and fast game full of geek humor that is not meant to be taken seriously, but can be seriously played. For this reason, I’ll be most pleased to bring it to my game table during my next game night.

Check out the review of Zombie Ninja Pirates.
Check out the review of Vampire Werewolf Fairies.

Golden Pawn Pro Award Winner!

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We have been notified that Gozer Games’ newest game, Vampire Werewolf Fairies, has won the 2011 Gaming Genius Award (the “Golden Pawn” award) for Best Non-Collectible Card Game. We couldn’t be happier to receive such a prestigious award!

The Gaming Genius Awards were started in 2011 “to recognize genius and creativity in every aspect of the hobby game industry, in a way that reflects expert opinion and not market consensus.” “The Gaming Genius Awards, although new, are intended to be in line with how awards outside the hobby game industry are given out and thus, representing the industry as a whole.” It is a great honor to receive this award, and Gozer Games is thrilled to be the first recipient of the Golden Pawn for Best Non-Collectible Card Game.

Vampire Werewolf Fairies and the original Zombie Ninja Pirates are both available for purchase in our store.

Gaming Genius Awards

The Toy Man awards Zombie Ninja Pirates!

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Toy Man Award of ExcellenceThe Toy Man, an independent product evaluation firm, has just posted their Product Evaluation of Zombie Ninja Pirates. It was awarded the Seal of Approval, the Award of Excellence, and the eChoice Award! We are very pleased to be given such great honors.

Their evaluators really loved the game.

According to many of our evaluation participants, Gozer Games, the creators of Zombie Ninja Pirates, they really blew the doors out with this game. With Zombie Ninja Pirates they have proven that they are truly the mouse that roared! Who would ever imagine that a game with this large of a level of funQuotient™ could come from such a seemingly simple and average game.

They also found it highly replayable.

During the game Play, there was plenty of laughter and comments about the various artwork on the game cards. The consumers were fascinated with the game. With the game being fast-paced and concluding promptly, this enabled us to have a larger number of consumers being able to play the game. It also caused a substantial increase in the number of consumers returning to the game in the hopes for more game Play.

In conclusion of the spontaneous consumer hands-on evaluation of the products they examined, we sat down and went through the video-tapes and consumer feedback forms to establish where”Zombie Ninja Pirates ” stood with the consumers. It was clearly evident that “Zombie Ninja Pirates ” pulled a substantial draw of consumers for repeated Play. It demonstrated that it hosted an excellent creative agenda as well as coming in quite strong in contribution to skill development and response level. “Zombie Ninja Pirates ” passed this segment of our evaluation with the highest level of accomplishment.

Gozer Games is very pleased to have been awarded such high ratings!