Author Information:

Matthew Duhan

A Web Developer and Project Manager by day (the official title is Master Software Engineer), Matthew Duhan is the main force behind Gozer Games. He enjoys science fiction, board games, anime, MST3K, and cooking. He’s pretty much an overall geek. He attends several science fiction and anime conventions throughout the year.

Artist Information:

Neko Pilarcik

Neko Pilarcik always knew what she wanted to be when she grew up, an intergalactic Space Pirate living a life of excitement and adventure in the Sea of Stars. However an unforeseen lack of advancement in the space shipping industry lead her to consider a more feasible career writing and drawing stories about people who do live lives of excitement and adventure. After getting her junior degree in illustration she moved to Chicago and studied traditional animation at Columbia College Chicago. While there she directed the animated short, “The Three Artists”, which screened at the Cannes Film Festival. Neko currently works as a freelance animator and illustrator in addition to drawing the graphic novel, “Kowaii Kawaii”, which will be in stores in early 2011.

You can see more of Neko’s work at

Harvey Ehrlich

Harvey Ehrlich is a fine artist of note, an idea generator and visual illuminator of world recognition, a futurist, a humorist, and poet of some reputation, and an all around swell fellow. He has created everything from World’s Fair pavilions to Broadway posters, and once got an award in elementary school for not going out of the lines. His one man show continues in his living room, now through whenever.

Phil Foglio

Phil Foglio won the Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist back in 1977, and is still waiting for the wealth and unlimited power he was told this would bring. In the meantime he has made a career as a writer and artist because he liked the idea of commuting fifty feet to his office. Over the years he has worked in the fields of science fiction, comics and gaming. His current project is the Hugo award winning comic book series Girl Genius, which he works on with his wife, Kaja. His hobbies include travel, gardening and waiting.

John Kovalic

John Kovalic’s cartoons have appeared everywhere from his hometown WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL (Madison, WI) to the NEW YORK TIMES and DRAGON MAGAZINE. His creations include the comic book sensation “DORK TOWER” and “DR. BLINK: SUPERHERO SHRINK,” as well as many others. In his spare time, John searches for spare time.

Randy Milholland

Randy Milholland is the creator of the popular webcomic Something*Positive. He is probably napping right now. Sometimes, at night, he dons little shoes with curled toes and a little hat and secretly aids overworked cobblers. Then he uses their stores to launder money. He also grew up in a little patch of suburban sprawl between Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas. Under a full moon he sometimes transforms into a meerkat.

Terry Moore

Terry Moore is best known for his award-winning, self-published series, STRANGERS IN PARADISE, and ECHO. He has also worked for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and others. Moore’s fairy tales can be found in his book, PARADISE TOO.

Shannon Townsend

A freelance anime and manga style artist based out of Chicago, Shannon goes by the pen name “Kenmei Rokugatsu”. Together with her husband Richard, they work on the webcomic “Otaku -no- Yen“. Shannon also does numerous projects with various companies and teaches the art of anime and manga illustration throughout the Chicago area, as well as at conventions.

Bobby Henderson

Bobby Henderson founded the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster some years ago. Now lives in the Philippines avoiding having a real job for as long as possible.