Oct 10

Hey everyone! It’s time to reveal information on another character. Here’s another character from the cover, but this one may be more familiar to anime fans. It’s A-ko, from Project A-ko.

A-koTypical Japanese schoolgirl
Gender: FemalePreference: Both
Libido: 2 Looks: 3 Strike: 3^ Dodge: 3
A-ko has the power of SLEEP. When in a city where combat occurs, she usually oversleeps and misses part of the battle. A-ko starts the battle unable to perform any combat action or be attacked. Before combat begins roll one die. A-ko wakes up during that number combat round and does that many points of Collateral Damage to the city, not gaining the Notoriety Point from this damage. If the number on the die is higher than the number of rounds, she enters in the last round.

Sep 23

KatChinese martial artist/alchemist with funny hair
Gender: FemalePreference: Male
Libido: 3 Looks: 3 Strike: 3 Dodge: 3
Kat has the power of POTIONS. Instead of making a normal Strike, Kat may attack with mind-altering herbal potions. The attack is resolved as a normal Strike, with Kat spending at least one Libido Point. If the Strike succeeds, instead of taking damage, the target loses one of her Admirers for as many turns as Kat spent Libido Points. If there is more than one Admirer, Kat’s player choses which Admirer is lost.

Sep 23

Want to know more about a particular character and his or her special power? Every so often we’ll post details about one of the characters from Collateral Damage: The Anime Board GameTM. We’ll give more information about their stats, special power, and answer some of your questions. First up, one of the characters from the cover, Kat.

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